Posted by Nick Day on 07 Nov 2014

Expats, Non-Doms and US Citizens UK Tax Returns

The deadline for filing 2013/14 UK Tax Returns is fast approaching – 31 January 2015 – but there are good reasons for not leaving matters to the last minute, especially if you are an “expat”.

Expat individuals such as non-residents and those that are non-domiciled have complex Tax Return affairs that could involve gathering numerous sources of information, such as dates of private/business international travel, details of UK housing/utility costs, and analyses of remittances of income/gain to the UK, to name but a few.

For US citizens and US resident taxpayers, for US foreign tax credit purposes, it can make very good sense to ensure the 2013/14 UK Tax Return is prepared early so that the UK tax liability can be calculated and paid by 31 December 2014 rather than the official payment date of 31 January 2015.

Much of the sensible tax planning that is possible to enable expats to minimise their UK tax liabilities should be undertaken before becoming UK tax resident so we would always urge individuals to take professional advice in good time to take advantage of the various UK tax planning measures available to non-residents and non-doms.

Planning Measures for Expats Arriving in the UK

Some of the planning measures for expats arriving in the UK are summarised here:

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Tax Planning Advice

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