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Passing on Wealth Efficiently

Once your business is a success, you finally get to enjoy the wealth you have created. However, the time will come when you look at options for passing your wealth on to the next generation. Tax Innovations has detailed knowledge of the tax issues facing you when you pass on your wealth, and in the structures that can be used to do so in a tax-efficient way.

How to Pass on Wealth

The simplest way to pass on your wealth is to leave it as bequests in your will. However, if you do this, HMRC are likely to take a significant chunk (up to 40%) of the amount passed on through inheritance tax (IHT).

Any wealth given away more than 7 years before you die will not have any inheritance tax charge, but you will lose all control over that wealth.

Using a trust can protect your wealth from inheritance tax, whilst allowing you to still have some control over whose hands that wealth ends up in.

Specialist Advice on Passing on Wealth

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