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Specialist Tax Planning

Accountants’ primary focus is to prepare a statutory document that reports a company’s financial activities. This by definition means that they are reactive- looking at the past rather than planning for the future. As part of preparing the accounts, they can only perform basic corporation tax computations.

This means they will reliably tell you how much tax you have to pay based on their accounts, but more importantly that they lack the requisite specialist tax knowledge to reduce this figure both historically and going forward. A specialist tax adviser will tailor their advice to the specific needs of you and your business rather than to a set of figures on a spreadsheet. Put simply an accountant will calculate your tax liability; a specialist tax adviser will reduce it.

Tax Planning Services and Schemes

Tax Innovations employs a highly skilled team of Chartered Tax Advisers and Chartered Accountants. Our team of tax specialists has a broad industry experience to draw on and a proven track record in dealing with the most complex taxation queries our clients may have. This award-winning approach to specialist tax planning relies on an enthusiasm to tackle each situation afresh and the recognition that no client is the same.

The services and schemes that are offered by the specialist tax team include but are not limited to:

Tax Innovations, Chartered Tax Advisors

Tax Innovations has experience in specialist tax advice for a specific problem. Our clients find that our advice yields the highest return when this specific advice is opened up and a similar approach is taken to their entire financial affairs, in line with our bespoke philosophy. We are able to work effectively with existing advisers but often find that greater possibilities for tax efficiency present themselves when we have access to the full picture.

Specialist Tax Planning Advice

Recently, we provided a solution for a client who came to us looking for an offshore pension trust. After assessing their financial position and medium to long-term goals, we were able to provide a great deal more. By analysing the client’s company we integrated the pension trust to allow tax efficient profit extraction and the creation of an offshore investment vehicle, which gave inheritance tax and capital gains tax benefits.

Analysis of the company by our management accounts team identified an opportunity for staff incentives to be introduced, successfully increasing the profitability of the company. Having ascertained the client’s long-term goals for his company we introduced a plan for him to “step away” from the company tax efficiently that worked alongside his offshore pension trust.

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