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Award-Winning Personal Tax Services

The Tax Innovations personal tax services team provides personal tax preparation advice for hundreds of clients with vastly differing circumstances, ranging from simple tax computations and filing to those with exceptionally complex UK tax affairs. With each client, however, the motivation is always the same – to maximise their wealth and reduce their tax.

A selection of the award winning personal tax services offered by Tax Innovations includes:

Self Assessment Tax Returns

With our income tax return service, we remove the burden of administration from you and ensure that every deadline is met. You simply provide us with your financial records in relation to your tax affairs and we will prepare all the necessary calculations and deductions, as well as claiming any reliefs, deductions, allowances and repayments that you might be due.

Expatriate Tax

“Expats” have complex UK tax affairs as a result of being UK tax resident but non-domiciled individuals; or on leaving the UK and becoming non-residents of the UK. This complicates the personal Self Assessment Tax Return reporting position but also it is crucial that advantageous tax planning is undertaken early and prior to tax residence status changing. Tax Innovations can assist with every aspect of your affairs with our expatriate tax service.

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax (IHT) can be payable on certain lifetime gifts and transfers, as well as by estates on the death of individuals- calculating the effect of the rules on your affairs can be incredibly complex. We can make sure that the impact of the rules is minimised and our inheritance tax planning team can advise on arranging your own estate in a tax-efficient manner.


Capital Gains Tax

Capital gains tax is payable on gains made from the sale of capital assets such as property, shares, stocks, etc., but there are a wealth of different reliefs and planning opportunities available. We will make sure that you are claiming all available reliefs and that your tax bill is minimised.

Bespoke Tax Advice

In addition to the personal tax advice offered, Tax Innovations also provides a bespoke service to those of our clients wishing to make savings across their entire financial activity. The work of the personal tax services team is integrated with the skilled expertise of the accountancy and bespoke tax team to establish the areas our clients could be saving money. Such an approach will always yield the best results and is the recommended choice by most of our clients.

Touring Tax Expertise

Touring artists, whether musicians, actors or sports people can have very busy lifestyles and incur many different expenses from travel costs and accommodation to expensive equipment and gear. To find out how we can assist you with all of your UK accounting and tax affairs please click here.

Personal Tax Fee Protection

Despite the meticulous care we take producing your personal tax return, you could be selected for a full-scale investigation by the tax authorities involving complex, intrusive questions and a tax inspector trawling through your records. Because of this, we offer a Personal Tax Fee Protection service which, for a small annual fee, will provide you with a full, expert defence in the event of a tax enquiry.

If you would like to discuss our personal tax services please email customerservice@taxinnovations.com or call us on 01962 856 990 and we would be happy to discuss your issues and advise on how we are able to help you.

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