Posted by James Pearson on 07 Apr 2011

Enterprise Investment Schemes & Venture Capital Trusts

The rate of income tax relief given under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) will be increased from 20% to 30% with effect from 6 April 2011, subject to State aid approval.

Subject to this approval the following changes will be made from 6 April 2012;

  • An increase in the thresholds for the size of qualifying company for both EIS and VCTs to fewer than 250 employees and to the company having no more than £15million of gross assets before the investment.
  • An increase in the annual amount that can be invested through both EIS and VCTs in an individual company to £10million.
  • An increase in the annual amount that an individual can invest through under EIS to £1million.

Proposal for the Enterprise Investment Scheme

The Government will consult on further changes to the schemes including a proposal to give additional support through the EIS for seed investment.

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