Posted by James Pearson on 27 Sep 2011

Enterprise Investment Scheme Tax Reliefs to Rise

Enterprise Investment Scheme Tax Reliefs (EIS) are set to rise from 20% to 30%, with an increase in the annual investor limit doubling to £1M.

Brussels have given the Government the go ahead to backdate the rate increase for investments made since April this year, whilst the investor limit changes come into effect from April 2012.

EIS schemes are set up to encourage investment in the UK small business sector.  Investors subscribe for shares in a venture capital trust or other qualifying company and can subsequently benefit from income and capital gains tax reliefs.

The Chancellor George Osborne said of the changes:

“We want to make the UK the best place to start, finance and grow a business. These changes will give a bigger tax break to those who take risks for growth and jobs in Britain by investing in the small businesses that have the potential to be fast growing.”

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