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Posted by James Pearson on 29 Mar 2011

Do you have an Employer Funded Retirement Benefits Scheme or Employee Benefits Trusts?

It has recently been widely reported that EFRBS (Employer Funded Retirement Benefits Schemes) and EBT’s (Employee Benefits Trusts) are no longer useful uk tax planning tools, following the release of draft legislation for Finance Act 2011. This is not the case as EFRBS remain hugely beneficial as employee benefit trust tools if provided as part of a bespoke, tailored tax structure, rather than as an off the shelf solution.

The proposed changes to the tax treatment of EFRBS and means that certain advantages have been removed but the benefits of an efficient uk tax planning environment for investments remain. Prior to the changes EFRBS could be offered as a one size fits all tax efficient investment vehicle to anyone with sufficient profits but now more detailed planning is required.

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