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The Registered Office is the legal address of the company.

All companies registered in the UK are required to have a Registered Office. This is the address at which the company’s statutory registers can be found and at which notices can be served on the company.

The company’s statutory registers or books, which are held at the Registered Office, include:

  • A register of present and past directors and secretaries;
  • A register of all shareholders, past and present and their shareholdings;
  • A register of any charges on the company’s assets;
  • (From Jan 2016) A register of persons with significant control (PSCs);
  • Minutes of general meetings and board meetings; and
  • A register of the debenture holders (typically banks).

Tax Innovation can provide Registered Office services to your company, including submission of the Annual Return (Annual Confirmation Statement, from April 2016). For more information on Registered Office and other company services, please email enquiry@taxinnovations.com or call us on 01962 856 990.

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