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Mergers and Acquisitions Tax Advice

Mergers and acquisitions, together with other business restructurings, are an important method of developing your business and ensuring that it works as efficiently as possible.

A merger is where two or more existing businesses all transfer their trade into a single entity to produce a combined trade for the future. The aim is to retain the current client base, whilst combining administrative and production costs, giving increased profitability to the overall structure.

Tax Relief on a Merger or Acquisition

There tax reliefs available that may reduce or eliminate the tax charges arising on the restructuring transactions, and there may be other benefits to a particular structure. Tax Innovations can ensure that your businesses are merged into a tax-efficient, streamlined entity.

Acquisitions are also a useful tool for growing your business. Purchasing a competitor will not only bring additional clients into your business but can also provide access to their key staff, equipment, know-how, patents and other assets. Tax Innovations can guide you through the acquisition process so as to ensure that tax charges arising are minimised, both at the time of the acquisition and in future.

Conversely, if you are selling your business or even part of it, a demerger process can be utilised. This is the process whereby the trade, asset or other part of the business being sold is hived off into a separate structure so that it can be more easily sold. The correct demerger process can minimise the tax resulting from these transactions.

Specialist Mergers and Acquisitions Tax Advice

At Tax Innovations, we have extensive experience of the process and tax aspects of mergers, acquisitions and other business restructurings, and we can guide you through the process to create the ideal, tax-efficient structure for your business.

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