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During the 15 years we have worked together, Tax Innovations have provided me with a wide range of services- from payroll preparation, tax and benefits for 150 employees to personal and senior employee tax advice. I would strongly recommend the firm as a one stop shop for tax compliance and advice.

Peter Thomas

The letter of engagement was sent in 1998, and I still rely on Tax Innovations to provide me with up-to-date tax advisory services today. My work is varied and unpredictable, and I appreciate having tax advisors who are able to maintain pace.

Don Macpherson, Mind Coach

The Brabham group of companies put our full trust in the Tax Innovations team, and we are guided in a way that maximises company growth and the expansion of the Brabham global brand. We seek advice on all accounting strategies for the business and VAT, and I also use Tax innovations personally.

David Brabham, Director of Brabham Group of Companies

With Tax Innovations, we can take advantage of big firm expertise at small firm prices. The team are more adaptable and reactive to my company’s needs than a larger organisation. 

Colin Light, Night Vision

 We would like to thank you for a very pleasant experience and professional manner in which you have handled our annual return. Really impressed with the service we have received.

JSN Blue Sky Investments Ltd

Tax Innovation’s combination of proactive management accounting and tax advice allows me to better understand my business, while saving money in the process. 

Eden Robb, Eurotechnology / Euron Incon

With Tax Innovations, we receive a more personal and dedicated service than one of the traditional big firms. We know that solutions are unique to us and our needs, instead of an off the shelf product. It is this level of detail that puts Tax Innovations ahead of the competition.

Filipo Angelini, wearehive.co.uk

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